I had the opportunity to spend the better part of four weeks working as a production assistant on the Minnesota-produced feature, Souvenirs. The experience helped solidify my belief in the importance of the storyteller. Watching actors and crew listen to the stories of the servicemen they were representing and then watching the soldiers in awe of the filmmakers brought home the sacred trust storytellers have been given. Men and women live lives of amazement and wonder, but only the storyteller can make them immortal. I am proud of the work the cast and crew of Souvenirs has done and I am glad I got to be a small part of it.

When asked, “How was it working with James Cromwell?” I can honestly respond, “Working near James Cromwell made everyone relaxed and better at their job through his kindness and professionalism.” Hopefully, some day, I can say that I worked with him.

Rocking the Bow Tie

If Justin Timberlake was able to bring sexy back (I hadn’t noticed that it had gone anyplace) I figured I could bring the bow tie back. of course, it helps to have the New Doctor Who, Matt Smith running around saying “Bowties are Cool.” and my guess is that he will get all the credit if there is a resurgence of the dickie bow. But at least I am doing my part in Minneapolis.