Under The Rug

Don’t you wish there were days when you could sweep all your problems under the rug? Heather Jones has been granted that wish.

Preproduction has begun on a new Hillyard-McGuinness short film about the blessings and curse of total absolution. Combining the wry banter of a McGuinness screenplay with the visual stylings of Minneapolis Director of Photography Nick Hillyard, the film promises to be a unique ride for audiences.

With an October shoot schedule, the film is currently casting.

This is the only the second Hillyard-McGuinness joint production in 5 years.

Last Breath

If a pandemic wipes out civilization, all you really need to ride out in style is your best friend and a 1966 Lincoln Continental. Wrapped up work on the independent feature Last Breath written and directed by Ian Hansing. This post-apocalyptic  road film was a contrast in filmmaking to Souvenirs, but in the end, still fun to make and with some excellent images in the can.  Shot by Matt Kane and his 2 man camera crew, it was a reminder that you can still make a film worth watching without all the fancy gear and gadgets. Though shiny toys are still shiny.

The Lincoln Continental was also the Limo that JFK was riding in when he was assassinated.