3 Bullets – Production

Three days to shoot 3 Bullets. Worked with an excellent crew:  Director John  Heimbuch, DP Nick Hillyard, AD Chris Bueckers. Script Supervisor Kelly Bancroft, Sound Guru Tom Colvin and Make up Artist Miki Sautbine. Talented and hardworking cast: Andrew Sass, Clarence Wethern, Jamel Harris and Punnavith Koy. First night was cold and wet, but everyone stayed focused and we got everything in the can. now it is time for post. We are almost halfway to our IndieGoGo campaign goal at the halfway point. Hopefully we can get all the way there for post.

Under The Rug

Don’t you wish there were days when you could sweep all your problems under the rug? Heather Jones has been granted that wish.

Preproduction has begun on a new Hillyard-McGuinness short film about the blessings and curse of total absolution. Combining the wry banter of a McGuinness screenplay with the visual stylings of Minneapolis Director of Photography Nick Hillyard, the film promises to be a unique ride for audiences.

With an October shoot schedule, the film is currently casting.

This is the only the second Hillyard-McGuinness joint production in 5 years.


I had the opportunity to spend the better part of four weeks working as a production assistant on the Minnesota-produced feature, Souvenirs. The experience helped solidify my belief in the importance of the storyteller. Watching actors and crew listen to the stories of the servicemen they were representing and then watching the soldiers in awe of the filmmakers brought home the sacred trust storytellers have been given. Men and women live lives of amazement and wonder, but only the storyteller can make them immortal. I am proud of the work the cast and crew of Souvenirs has done and I am glad I got to be a small part of it.

When asked, “How was it working with James Cromwell?” I can honestly respond, “Working near James Cromwell made everyone relaxed and better at their job through his kindness and professionalism.” Hopefully, some day, I can say that I worked with him.

Martin Perkinson: Thinker

Created for the 48 Hour Film Project: Minneapolis 2008.  Genre: Fictional Biopic. Character: Ms or Mr. Perkinson – Substitute Teacher. Prop: A Fish. Line of Dialogue: You look very familiar. As submitted. Group B Audience Favorite.

September 2008 South Dakota Film Festival
August 2008 Square Lake Film Festival – Stillwater
July 2008 Rosemount Film Festival